Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nashers and Rockers

Check out two great solutions about how two Brooklyn, NY based organizations refer to the girls involved in their programs.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project calls the teenage girls who attend their program "Nashers" which is a great solution. Not only does it avoid the whole girls/young ladies thing, the word Nashers also helps create a sense of belonging to the larger organization, which is a key to success with all young people.

Girls at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls are often called "campers" or "rockers" which also works. Although campers is certainly accurate, I prefer rockers. It supports the concept that you don't have to be an expert at something before you can refer to yourself as that thing, whatever it may be. Also, it's sassy. Who thinks of girls as rockers?

Both Sadie Nash Leadership Project and the Willie Mae Rock Camp are What's Good For Girls. Check them out: Sadie Nash is a leadership program for girls 14 - 21 in Brooklyn which supports girls as they think through what they believe and how to take action in their communitities.

Girls ages 8 - 18 form bands, learn instruments, write a song, and perform it all in one week of camp.

Anyone else out there with some solutions?


Sharon Lamb said...

Hello Patti. Glad you found us and wrote! We'd love to connect blogs. Our new blog is at and our web site is We write about girl rockers in the book and complain about how so much media features girls looking pretty in front of a boy band instead of playing their own instruments, so APPLAUSE for your camp. I hope you'll check out our book and some of our blog writings on girls. We'll tune in to you too! Sharon Lamb (& Lyn Mikel Brown)

Patti Binder said...

Sharon (and Lyn)--

I'm thrilled you stopped by. Let's definately connect blogs. I've been following your site and blog and it is part of what has inspired me to start my own.

As for Rock Camp, I can claim the role of volunteer and fan-- all the credit for the camp goes to the awesome women who organized it.

Anonymous said...

Hi every Nasher!
Am from Kenya and making a difference in Girls and women's life especially those that are maginalized, women with Aids and counseling street girls for behavioural change. Our organisation is known as Voluntary Counselors Kenya. We are starting projects for these precious people and were interested in what your organisation do. How can we get involved. We'd love to hear from Tyra also. We have also started a school for displaced children in Kenya. Thanking you for your response and keep up the good work.