Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Girls Are Not Chicks

Since I have become almost singlemindedly obsessed with language since starting the WGFG blog, it seems appropriate to post about my favorite coloring book Girls Are Not Chicks by Jacinta Bunnell and Julie Novak.

Girls Are Not Chicks inspires girls to imagine fairy tales where girls avoid the gender confines of magic slippers and poisoned apples to become the heroes of their own stories. It's like the product of a writing assignment your lone feminist Language Arts teacher in middle school would have given you, only published as a coloring book for the world to buy and not sitting in a box in your closet with the rest of your pre-adolescent memorabilia.

In one of my favorite pages, a picture of Rapunzel is accompanied by the text:

This time, she had some power tools, a roll of duct tape, a Tina Turner album and a bus pass.

Independence and resourcefulness sounds like a much better message for girls than the passivity of waiting for prince or wishing on a star. Challenging gender stereotypes is What’s Good for Girls and the choice of coloring book as the medium is particularly inspired. Order it at

In NYC? Support independent media and pro-woman materials at the independent bookstore Bluestockings where I picked up my copy of the coloring book and The Village Inky zine (a must read if you are a Mom or not a Mom). I am shocked I lived in NYC for over two years before stopping by. Don’t let that happen to you! and yes I promise to figure out the hypertexting options and how to upload pictures ASAP.

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