Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good News! Union Square Award to 2 NYC Girls Orgs

Girls for Gender Equity and the Sadie Nash Leadership Program, two Brooklyn based girls programs will receive the annual Union Square Award. Each award carries a $50,000 grant to the organization and recognizes exceptional efforts to address critical social issues facing New Yorkers that have otherwise been overlooked, neglected or inadequately addressed.

MORE ON GGE (SNLP will get some blog love later this week!)
With an Open Society Institute fellowship, Joanne Smith launched GGE in
2001 as an after-school fitness program in eight Brooklyn elementary and middle schools. Today, GGE runs after-school fitness and health programs for more than 450 girls in 30 public schools. It coordinates sports leagues for girls -- basketball teams, soccer clinics, and a boxing program -- with regular team practices and games free of harassment or derogatory comments that girls may experience elsewhere. GGE gives girls the opportunity to dispel gender myths, recognize male privilege, and become empowered to voice their opinions and ideas.

GGE educates and organizes parents, school personnel and community members about Title IX of the Education Amendment, which prohibits sex discrimination against students and employees of educational institutions and requires that males and females receive fair and equal treatment in all arenas of public schooling. GGE works with parents and school personnel to identify harassing behaviors, determine the difference between wanted and unwanted advances, and make clear the consequences of sexual harassment. Through its World against Sexual Harassment campaign, GGE aims to make schools a safer place for all children to learn and socialize.

Read GGE's Union Square Awards profile:

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Feminist Review said...

Congratulations GGE! It's great to know that girls' programs are getting this kind of attention!