Saturday, March 03, 2007

Young Women of Color: First Annual Female Empowerment Conference

Six in 10 African-American youth believe "it is hard for young black people to get ahead because they face so much discrimination," according to a University of Chicago report released in February. Karen Pittman, whose work in positive youth development and changing policy, should be read by everyone interested in issues affecting youth, analyzes the results of this study and others in her latest March Youth Today column.

Young women of color experience the pressures of both racism and sexism in their daily lives. The Door is providing a much needed venue for young women of color to connect and discuss their experience at the first Annual Female Empowerment Conference for young women of color.

“Her Story, Her Voice, Her Journey” will take place at The Door on Saturday, March 10, 2007 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. This day long conference seeks to open doors for young women of color to achieve personal, educational, and professional success through shared self-awareness and sisterhood.

Young women of color will gain knowledge about the breadth of their social justice concerns, draw upon their collective experiences as a transformative opportunity and begin to develop their leadership skills. Come out to a unique forum to encourage their analysis and articulation of the issues that shape their daily lives. Take some time out to be introspective and make connections to larger societal forces at work in their lives.

Young women will have an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as leaders by educating their peers about their own experiences and creating a base for collective action in the future. This conference is only the first step towards building bridges and closing gaps in order to address the varied needs of New York City’s young women of color.

For additional information regarding the “Her Story, Her Voice, Her Journey” Monique De La Oz at 212-941-9090, Ext. 3263,

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