Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First Daughter

Author of Young Adult fiction Mitali Perkins launched a new blog in the voice of her fictional character Sameera to promote her book First Daughter: White House Rules. The character is "Sameera, who can't vote but still wants to make a difference. She's also Pakistani-American, adopted, and provides a non-partisan insider's view of campaigning."

About the book:
The race for the presidency is on, and Sameera’s dad is a contender. Sameera’s looking forward to some cool campaign perks: hobnobbing with celebrities, meeting smart and hunky young voters, and getting a total makeover. The makeover succeeds in making her look more polished, but some of the campaign staffers aren’t content to stop there. They think the candidate’s dark-skinned, adopted daughter could hurt his chances if she doesn’t “try to be more American.” As the pressure builds, Sameera is forced to choose: Will she hide behind a fake persona or speak up for her true self?

Check out the blog here

I think girls might really like a blog written by a character from a book. I hope some of the girls talk about their own aspirations for The White House!

Thanks to Anastasia at YPulse who covered this in her daily email.

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