Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great Girls Magazine New Moon Looks for Writers

New Moon Magazine is looking for girl writers ages 8 - 14 for upcoming editions of their award winning ad free magazine. I love New Moon for their Girl Editorial Board-- who best to decide the content for a girls-magazine? Pass on this great opportunity to girls you know ages 8 - 14...

1. The Great Debate: The Prison System For New Moon's September/October 2007 issue, "The Great Debate," they will have two girls debating about the effectiveness of the prison system. They need a girl to argue in favor of the prison system. If you know a girl who thinks the prison system is a good way to hold criminals accountable and keep citizens safe, email ( with your ideas for the article.

2. Global Village New Moon is looking for Global Village articles! Global village articles must be a) written by a girl who lives outside North America b) written by a girl who is NATIVE to the country she's writing about. Since there's so much world out there, New Moon prefers NOT to publish articles about countries we've covered in the past. If you know a girl who lives outside North America who you think would be a good writer for Global Village, email for more details about whether your Global Village article idea would be a good fit.

They are also in need of submissions for other areas-- email them for more information.

Words of advice from New Moon Girls Editorial Board on how to pitch an article here

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