Friday, April 20, 2007

Update on Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters

Courtney has gotten some great press with the launch of her book (including the New York Times) and has an interview on both the Girls Inc and Real Hot 100 websites.

An excerpt here:

Your father helped you come up with the title for your book. What role has your dad played in supporting your goals and your work?

Where do I begin? My dad is a self-proclaimed feminist. Despite looking pretty traditional on paper, he made a courageous effort to create a radically open and real relationship with me. This is especially amazing because he didn't have any role models for this kind of relationship.
He went to my basketball games, cheered me on when I wrote controversial op-eds in the student newspaper, brought me to New York City when I went away to college, and continued to call me, email me, and let me know at every turn that he was proud of the woman I was becoming.
He also adores and respects my mother—which was a great thing for me to watch growing up. Though they didn't get equal parenting quite right, there was never a question in my mind that he thought she was the most brilliant, beautiful woman on earth.

Read the Girls Inc interview here

Read The Real Hot 100 interview here

And an update-- it doesn't look like The Real Hot 100 moved on in the Net Squared competition. This is Not Good! The Real Hot 100 is a campaign which promotes the contributions that young women make in the world and is an antidote to all those glossy magazines that tell us it's our looks that matter.

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