Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rock Stars Come in Small Packages

What? You haven't passed on an application to a girl to Rock Out this summer? Read this to get inspired-- Suzanne Grossman interviewed hard core girl rockers Magnolia for the Huffington Post. Magnolia was the first Willie Mae Rock Camp band I saw perform (last year at an event organized for the NYC V Day Festival by Girls for Gender Equity) and I thought their guitar/drum duo was awesome. The best part? They got up in the middle of the set, changed instruments and kept playing.

Want to help girls Rock Out? Here is more you can do:

Fill out an application to volunteer (even if you are not musically inclined you can be a part of it. Last year I served as the Kitchen Coordinator, bringing nourishment to the rock-volunteers.)

Check out their wicked online auction to provide scholarships for girls to Rock Out.

Feeling sad and blue that you can't go to Rock Camp? YOU CAN! Ladies Rock Camp, a fundraiser for Willie Mae Rock Camp brings women together for a weekend of quick and dirty rock and roll. Seriously, one of the best things I ever did was go to Ladies Rock Camp. But more on that later.....

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