Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anastasia Goodstein joins Expert Advisory Board of New Moon

Every morning I check out Anastasia Goodstein's site "Daily news & commentary about Generation Y for media and marketing professionals"-- because she picks up the latest news on what is happening in the teen and young adult world, distilling real trends from the hype. She's a great example of an adult who is an ally to young people, and bridges the gap that can often exist between teens and the rest of us. I love her perspective.

That is why it's good news that she announced yesterday that she has joined the expert advisory board for New Moon, a high quality for girls by girls magazine. Anastasia's fresh teen-centered focus and insight into the current state of the teen world will be great influence. Cheers on your new role, Anastasia!

Check out:

Anastasia's new BusinessWeek Online Viewpoint column about virtual paper dolls.

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