Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Changing the World for GIRLS

I've been Missing in Action from the blog, working hard out there in the non-virtual world, fundraising and writing in other venues. I've been writing a new bio for myself and I have started saying "Patti Binder works day and night promoting girls' leadership and gender equity" and the past few weeks that has definately been true! Must remember to sleep....

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

First, with many, many thanks to Ingrid Hu Dahl, I have an article in this months Youth Media Reporter. Check it out here

Second thanks to those who spread the word or bid on items for the Willie Mae Rock Camp Online Auction which was way-cool and way-fun!

Third, I was awed and inspired at the New York Women's Foundation Breakfast. Abigail Disney is officially my new hero (sharing the honor with Helen Lakelly Hunt who is also a visionary). Helen Lakelly Hunt said all the things that I have longed for someone to say to women at a fundraising event-- that your money is powerful and that it is up to us to make the difference for women and girls, that together our money can be a tidal wave for girls and women's organizations and CHANGE THINGS. I was moved and inspired by her passion for women's fundraising and thought it couldn't get any better. I had no idea that Abigail Disney would follow, that she would bring me to tears telling her own story about living in two worlds-- traveling to Liberia and seeing starving children, then coming back to the US to bake sales, wealth management, and issues of childhood obesity.

Then Abigail Disney did an incredible thing. She told the women in the room to give until it hurts, to choose something they want (new shoes, new purse, new house...) and instead of getting that thing, to make a stretch gift to an organization that they care deeply about, and if they also make a donation to the New York Womens Foundation, she will match both gifts with a donation to the New York Women's Foundation, up to $1 million.

You can read her whole speech at womens e news and it is almost as moving as being in the room with her. (not quite, but almost!)

And please, think about taking Abigail up on her challenge by choosing a girls' organization (again-- some great ones are listed here on the WGFG site) to give a stretch gift to and by making a donation to the New York Womens Foundation, who has been a steadfast friend to girls and girls' organizations in New York. With your gift and Abigail's, we can turn the tide, increase the funding and therefore the programming for girls who need it here in the city-- or wherever you may be reading from.

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