Wednesday, May 02, 2007

College Shower for NYC Girls

WGFG usually devotes its space to smaller non-profits NOT associated with mational orgs, but this event holds a special place in my girls-lovin' heart. I am so impressed that Girls Inc NYC puts it resources into rewarding girls for college admission. Please support them and replicate this idea in your program-- Patti

In a city where only half of the public school students graduate on time, Girls Inc. of NYC recognizes the importance of celebrating those girls who are beating the odds. Over the past 8 years, we have honored the girls of Girls Incorporated of New York City programs who have been accepted to college through our Annual College Shower.

Please help Girls Inc NYC celebrate their achievements and support them as they continue to prove that they are strong, smart and bold!

You can help NYC girls by purchasing shower gifts or making a financial donation to the scholarship fund.

you can purchase gifts online at

first name: Girls Inc
last name: New York City

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