Friday, May 18, 2007

Design the Official Rock Camp t-shirt

*Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls T-shirt Design Contest*

WMRC is looking for a design for the official Rock Camp shirt for this coming summer. This is your chance to run with it: the only things that MUST be on there are the name (Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls) and the year (2007). They don't have specs yet, so come up with a design and be prepared to change it slightly if it is selected. More than one color OK, but probably not a zillion.

This contest is a short one, and open to anyone. The deadline for design submission is May 31st. Please email a jpeg of your design to by 5pm on the 31st.

The reward: knowing that you did something good for the girls and women of Rock Camp. And, of course, the glory.

Applications now being accepted for
both summer sessions of Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
Deadline: May 21
For more information, go to