Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Girls Blog

New blogs by girls are popping up all over and I've added them to the blog roll under Girls Blog. For adults, reading girls' blogs are a great way to get into the mindset of girls and hear directly from them about their thoughts and ideas. For girls, blogging can be a great way to get your ideas out into the world. (For the record, I don't think posting diaries or personal info is a good idea, but posting thoughts, reflections, and commentary is all good)

I just came across Allykatzz today, which I like because every post is moderated as a safety precaution. Below is info on Girl Head Quarters started as a project of a fellow from Young People for The American Way. They are looking for bloggers under the age of 20-- contact Liz Funk Liz.funk@gmail.com if you know (or are!) someone who would like to blog with them.

I'd love to see a blog for girls generated through a project for girls of color-- if anyone knows of one please add a comment.

Young Women Seek to Teach Peers about Politics, Culture, and Girl Power

GirlHeadQuarters.org launched on April 27th for ‘tween and teen girls between the ages of eleven and nineteen. The blog will discuss popular culture, youth culture, progressive politics, and life as a girl from a liberal lens for girls who haven’t get been exposed to politics. The blog will be authored by young women poised to become key players in the political and cultural scene, including Norman Lear’s twin daughters and Cecile Richards’ daughter.

The blog’s founder and executive editor is Liz Funk, a college student and senior fellow of Young People For, the young progressive wing of People for the American Way Foundation. Young People For mentors college activists in progressive organizing and helps their fellows start projects that foster progressive change; this blog is Funk’s project.

The content of Girl HeadQuarters (GHQ) attempts to help ‘tween and teen girls recognize their own intelligence, depth, savvy, and political sentiments. “‘Tween and teen girls are constantly underestimated, even by themselves,” says Funk. “So one day, we might feature a post analyzing what My Super Sweet Sixteen says about the obsession with privilege in Generation Y, while another day we might write about the pressure on teenaged girls to be perfect, while another day we might publish a post on the politics outlawing underage drinking, while another day we’d write about the politicking of teen sexuality with abstinence-only sex education, while another day we might review a book like Prep or Alpha Girls, and finally, we might feature a post on why feminism is so stigmatized in our generation. We want young women to realize that they are really cognizant and to recognize that they can change the world.” says Funk. “We’ll also feature lighter content, on makeup, fashion, music, and movies—we want to make it clear that girls can be into politics and also love Seventeen, lip gloss, and John Mayer.” The blog will also feature book reviews, interviews with progressive writers and leaders, and guest blogging from prominent culture writers, political pundits, and other teen girls.

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