Thursday, June 14, 2007

Buy these books! Sisterhood Interrupted and Full Frontal Feminism

Given that I have identified with feminism, since, oh I don't know, the womb (Thanks Mom!) all of my work with girls ultimately has its underpinnings in feminism. I know for other people their work is grounded elsewhere, but for me, the sense that girls are strong capable people who deserve to wake up in the morning and think "I am going to be President one day" is a feminist one.

These two books give two different kinds of takes on feminism and where it is today. Jessica's is clearly a call to arms to young women to give up that "I'm a feminist, but" stuff and start calling themselves what they are-- feminists.

Deb takes a longer view, looking at the generational and ideological differences between feminists and how to move forward.

Both can inform and should inform work with girls. I've devoured Jessica's book and can't wait to pick up Deb's, which hit bookshelves on Tuesday.

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