Saturday, June 09, 2007

Final Call: Jessica Valenti and Girls Write Now

Come join me Sunday at 4pm at the Barnes and Noble at Astor Place for one of my fave events of the entire year (cheesy, yes, but oh-so-true) the Girls Write Now Annual Spring Reading and Fundraiser.

Come hear the original work of NYC teen girls (they are awesome!), with special guest Jessica Valenti, author of Full Frontal Feminism, who was also on the Colbert Report this week (so cool!).

While you are there, do you book shopping with a GWN voucher, and GWN will receive between 10 - 25% of the proceeds (Great way to pick up Jessica's book! or Courtney Martin's new book, or hey-- any book- it's for a good cause!)

Not to be missed, anthologies of the girls' work and Girls Write Now t-shirts. Fun, Fashion, Feminism....all in one great day.

See you there!


Feminist Review said...

Patti this is fabulous. How'd the event go?

Patti Binder said...

Hey there! It was great! Standing room only turn out, Jessica was awesome, and the girls' writing was incredible again this year. This event ALWAYS leaves me inspired. I'll definately post an update-- hope all is well over at Feminist Review!