Saturday, July 07, 2007

Katina Paron! Swoon!

Slow posting these days, I know...Why do teachers get summers off, many businesses and corporations take half Fridays (or whole Fridays), and yet for those of us in non profits the calendar never slows down? Grants and reports are still due, programs still run, and the girls we work with still need our support.

Yup-- I am whining. But, the point of all of this is that my posting has been almost non existant. Luckily for everyone, the women over at Feministing are still hard at work. Check out their interview with Katina Paron at Children's PressLine-- youth media rocks, of course! Katina is a powerhouse who keeps youth generated media in all kinds of outlets. SWOON! And she is completely hilarious-- I met her at a birthday party recently (HI Suzanne and Nicole!) and stayed much later than intended, in part because Katina is a total riot.

Check out her interview

and read the youth generated media over at Children's PressLine

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