Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GOOD Mag highlights Girl Power

or the lack of Girl Power in elected officials.

I'm all for the message about gender inequality in our elected representatives and I'm glad to see Good Magazine covering it. They get it right with the line "Half of us are female but only 10 of our leaders are." But I'm not crazy about the "Girl Power" heading. Just like Hillary's "I'm your girl" comment, I think adult women need to represent themselves as adult women, and NOT AS GIRLS. (For the record-- I'm with Jennifer Pozner at Women in Media and News who thinks Hillary should have said "I'm your candidate.") Watch Jennifer discuss this here

When the word "girl" is a substitute for all things female, how can we preserve what it means to be a girl, under 18, as separate and distinct from being an adult woman? I don't think we can. It's the subject I love to harp on, its true, but the more I see it especially in PRINT or by adult women running for office, the more it makes me crazy. It's one thing to be in a group of your friends and say "O'kay girls" and another to publicly represent adult women as girls.

I believe we can all help preserve girlhood for girls through our language.

Check it out: Girl Power transparency on the Good Magazine website.

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