Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrate 10 Years of Bold Articulate Women and Girls!

Today's Opinion Section of the New York Times includes a piece by a college professor, author, and member of the NYT Editorial Board Verlyn Klinkenborg who has noticed a "polite self-negation" among his female students.

Of young womens' self doubts, he writes,
"These are poignant questions, and they always give me pause, because they allow me to see, as nothing else does, the cultural frame these young women have grown up in. I can hear them questioning the very nature of their perceptions, doubting the evidence of their senses, distrusting the clarity of their thoughts."
Read the whole piece here

It's this cultural frame that girls organizations fight against, working hard to create spaces where girls and young women regcognize and claim their own authority. One of my absolute favorites is Girls Write Now

Come see girls confidently trusting the clarity of their thoughts and the organization that supports them in action THIS THURSDAY at their 10th Anniversary Fall "Friendraiser"

October 18th, 2007

Mentor-Mentee Pair Reading and Chapbook Showcase at Bluestockings, the radical bookstore, fair trade café and activist center
Bluestockings Bookstore: 172 Allen Street @ Stanton & Rivington

Cross the street and party at The Slipper Room with author and "girlbomb" Janice Erlbaum, award-winning novelist Tayari Jones and hotshot indy rockers Royal Pink

Check out all the deets here

(Many thanks to Dorin for an early morning email about the editorial!!!)

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