Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girl Fighting on You Tube

I'm fascinated by people's reactions to girls fighting. When girl fighting made the news in the 90's, I thought that the interest in it was more of a testament to the persistence of what it means to be a girl. You know, fighting is not feminine, so when girls fight it has been treated as some kind of aberration. Fighting and aggression is expected of boys but newsworthy when its girls.

I'm not advocating violence here, but anger, aggression, and even fighting are all parts of the human experience, for both genders. I'm not sure why its such a surprise to people when girls engage in these behaviors.

With the new girlfights making the rounds on You Tube, there's been some very smart commentary about why it draws so much attention. Check it out:


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Feminist Reviewer said...

I agree I don't think it is newsworthy or entertainment when women (or men) get into a fight. But I think the main reason it gets attention is because it is a joke. In a movie we see two girls flailing their arms and pulling hair. Or a man watches as two girls roll on the floor. I also am not advocating fighting,but until girls are not believed to be fighting over a man, it holds no signifigance as a "real" fight.