Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anastasia Goodstein joins Expert Advisory Board of New Moon

Every morning I check out Anastasia Goodstein's site "Daily news & commentary about Generation Y for media and marketing professionals"-- because she picks up the latest news on what is happening in the teen and young adult world, distilling real trends from the hype. She's a great example of an adult who is an ally to young people, and bridges the gap that can often exist between teens and the rest of us. I love her perspective.

That is why it's good news that she announced yesterday that she has joined the expert advisory board for New Moon, a high quality for girls by girls magazine. Anastasia's fresh teen-centered focus and insight into the current state of the teen world will be great influence. Cheers on your new role, Anastasia!

Check out:

Anastasia's new BusinessWeek Online Viewpoint column about virtual paper dolls.

and sign up for her daily newsletter at

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More about the Girls Write Now Reading TOMORROW

Were you wondering more about the readers and emcees at tomorrow's Girls Write Now reading? I knew it! So here's more....(and so totally cool...find the emcee who wants to RE-join the wrestling team)

A Reading with Girls Write Now
Thursday, May 24, 7pm
520 Eighth Avenue (b/w 36th & 37th sts.)
on the 20th floor

Pooja Mahkijani, Curriculum Director of Girls Write Now, is the editor of Under Her Skin: How Girls Experience Race in America, an anthology of essays by women that explores the complex ways in which race shapes American lives and families. Her first picture book, Mama's Saris, has just been released by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Maggie Pouncey, a first-year mentor with Girls Write Now, is pursuing a MFA in creative writing at Columbia University, where she teaches undergraduate writing. She is at work on a collection of stories and a novel.

Terry Selucky is a freelance writer, playwright and screenwriter whose work has been seen onstage in New York City and Chicago. Through Project: Philanthropy, she has helped to develop and write marketing and publicity for several non-for-profit organizations and she is an artistic associate of Chicago's Sansculottes Theater Company, where she was founding artistic director for nearly three years. This is Terry's first year with Girls Write Now.

Steven Karl received his MFA from The New School. His poems and reviews have appeared in Real Poetik and Lit on-line. He has an article forthcoming in Teachers & Writers Magazine. He lives in Brooklyn.

Jared Hohl is from Donnellson, Iowa. His writing has appeared in Topic Magazine, on the Associated Press newswire, and in the anthology The Apocalypse Reader (Thunder's Mouth Press).Adam Wiedewitsch is a former elementary school teacher from Minnesota.A

Phantasia Johnson is a junior at Brooklyn Preparatory High School. She was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. Phantasia dances, acts, sings, and plays the piano, but she lives and dies for writing. This is Phantasia's second year with Girls Write Now.

Raised in Canarsie, Brooklyn, Lindsey Romain is a sophomore at Brooklyn Preparatory High School. She plans to become an actress. This is her first year with Girls Write Now.

Briana Wilson is a sophomore at The Michael J. Petrides School in Staten Island. This is her second year at Girls Write Now. In addition to Girls Write Now, she is involved in her school's AFJROTC and she hopes to rejoin the wrestling team.

Boxing and Equality

Check out these two great programs/opportunities from Girls for Gender Equity:

GGE is now recruiting volunteer boxing trainers and girls (ages 10-14 years old) to participate in a 10 week boxing program at Gleason's gym.

For trainers, if you would like to volunteer, email Erica at or call 718-857-1568. Having a car is a plus and gas reimbursement can be supplied.

For participants, if you would like to sign up, email Erica at or call 718-857-1568.

Are you or your organization would want to be a part of the 2nd Annual NYC Gender Equality Festival that GGE is organizing on July 28th in Von King Park? You're welcome to run a workshop, set up an information table to tell people about what you do, or perform at the festival. Last year we had over 80 organizations participate, and despite incliment weather, over 200 people attended. This year we anticipate over 500 attendees. Please email Mandy for a Participation Request Form at

GGE is also looking for volunteers (especially coaches or a girls' soccer team) to help run a Mother/Daughter Soccer clinic at the festival. To volunteer, email Erica at

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fundraising for Social Change

This must be my week for training, retreats and self improvement. First the writing retreat with Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, and now a fundraising training with Kim Klein.

Kim Klein, while not a feminist icon like Naomi, has influenced my work and given me the tools to raise money for the organizations I care about, both as a volunteer and as a professional. She covers everything from community car washes to capital campaigns. I've heard she is smart and funny in person so I can't wait to find out for myself.

Check out her website: Grassroots Fundraising and sign up for her newsletter.

I'll keep you posted--

Monday, May 21, 2007

Girls On the Run

Girls ages 8 - 12 have been training for the Tulip Trot--their first 5K on June 3rd with Girls on the Run. I'm excited for them-- I did this myself the first time just a few years ago! I clearly remember thinking I was going to die of exhaustion as I approached the finish line side by side with a kind old man more than twice my age, who was limping and wearing an ace bandage on one knee. This is the moment that I discovered that it takes as much, perhaps even more, bravery to come in at the end of the race, than at at the front.

No doubt girls are learning these lessons and more at Girls on the Run You can be a part of it as a Runner Buddy-- who runs with girls as they complete this great achievement and the beginning of lifelong healthy habits. They will be gathering by the Christopher Street fountain in Hudson River Park at 8:00am for an 8:30am race start.

If you are interested in being a running buddy or learning more about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities for this event, email

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mad Ritin' Skillz

I am "werkin on my ritin skillz" this weekend at the Woodhull Writers Retreat with a great bunch of women (including awesome editor Ingrid) who edited my piece in Youth Media Reporter . YAY Ingrid...and YAY writers retreat. Yesterday Kristin Kemp led a session on pitches and today Naomi Wolf discusses book proposals. I'm happy to report that many of the women here are writing about gender and girls and that's exciting.

This Thursday, check out some girls and women who have been perfecting their writing all year at the Girls Write Now Mentor Reading

Thursday, May 24, 7pm
at 520 Eighth Avenue (b/w 36th & 37th sts.) on the 20th floor

Mentors, Pooja Makhijani, Maggie Pouncey, and Terry Selucky will read with special Mentee Emcees Phantasia Johnson, Lindsey Romain, and Briana Wilson.

See you there!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tyra Banks funds NYC girls orgs

I haven't followed America's Next Top Model, as the whole modeling thing doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I did watch the clip of the Tyra Banks show on You Tube , when she responded to the photos of her on vacation that made her look "fat" and was impressed that she showed in one quick turn of her body how she can look super thin in one angle, and then closer to the rest of us in another. She broke out in tears and said it had taken her years to build her self esteem. I admit to be being moved, but also confused. I'm just not clear on how the same person can give that speech and then run a reality show on modeling.

However she is putting her money where her mouth is, and you know how much I love that! Tyra Banks started a foundation to fund girls programming called TZONE and it recently awarded grants to three NYC girls programs/nonprofit organizations: Ifetayo Cultural Arts Facility, The Lower Eastside Girls Club, and Sadie Nash Leadership Project.

Ifetayo supports the creative, educational and vocational development of youth of African descent in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. TZONE’s grant will support The Sisters in Sisterhood Rites of Passage Program, which empowers girls with information to navigate their transition from adolescence into adulthood and develop strong leadership and communication skills.

The Lower Eastside Girls Club provides programming for girls and young women ages 8-23. The Girls Club will use TZONE’s grant for its ‘Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Program’, which promotes active living, healthy eating and positive self-image.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project provides opportunities for young women to develop their self-esteem, confidence and positive self-image by teaching them to take care of themselves, each other and their communities as they take on leadership roles.

Tyra Banks is quoted in the press release:

“What these three organizations have in common is a commitment to fostering long-term, supportive female relationships through innovative programs that promote personal accountability, self-esteem, goal setting, healthy lifestyles and an appreciation for diversity. These are the defining criteria for organizations TZONE will fund, and they reflect what I’ve learned is necessary for a woman to be successful in life, in whatever career path she chooses."

T Zone

Design the Official Rock Camp t-shirt

*Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls T-shirt Design Contest*

WMRC is looking for a design for the official Rock Camp shirt for this coming summer. This is your chance to run with it: the only things that MUST be on there are the name (Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls) and the year (2007). They don't have specs yet, so come up with a design and be prepared to change it slightly if it is selected. More than one color OK, but probably not a zillion.

This contest is a short one, and open to anyone. The deadline for design submission is May 31st. Please email a jpeg of your design to by 5pm on the 31st.

The reward: knowing that you did something good for the girls and women of Rock Camp. And, of course, the glory.

Applications now being accepted for
both summer sessions of Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
Deadline: May 21
For more information, go to

Thursday, May 17, 2007

P.L.A.I.N Janes

Here's something worth getting off my "give money to girls' programming" soap box. I can't wait to get this book-- the first graphic novel for girls from DC Comics. SWOON. A group of misfits, all named Jane, form a group called P.L.A.I.N People Loving Art in Neighborhoods to counteract "the hell that is high school."

Only $9.99!!!!!!!!! Apparently, it went on sale yesterday..

Debate and Leadership training for high school girls

"Women always speak the truth about their lives…"

"Women will change the nature of power, rather than power changing
the nature of women."

"A woman's place is in the house, the House of Representatives."

These are the words of Bella S. Abzug, former U.S. Congresswoman and
20th Century leader of the national and international feminist
movement. Spread the word about the summer debate and leadership training for high school and college women started by her daughters in her honor.

In August, BALI's first group of young women scholars will
participate in a debate & leadership training led by acclaimed
faculty from across the country administered by the #1 national
provider of debate-related mentoring services, the IMPACT
Coalition. The Improving Mentor Practices and Communication
Techniques (IMPACT) Coalition is a mentoring and educational
development organization that expands opportunities for urban
students, schools and organizational partners by providing debate
training, literacy assistance, curricula, and mentoring services to
develop informed, concerned citizens. IMPACT advocates debate as a
key to success in building healthier communities and tomorrow's
leaders. These students will come from local high schools in the
New York area and will apply this training in their school setting.

The purpose of the IMPACT training will be to prepare young women
with the critical thinking, public speaking and effective leadership
skills. Trainers will help students identify challenges, overcome
fears of public speaking and think about the roles women take in
leadership today.


Impact Coalition
More on Bella

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Changing the World for GIRLS

I've been Missing in Action from the blog, working hard out there in the non-virtual world, fundraising and writing in other venues. I've been writing a new bio for myself and I have started saying "Patti Binder works day and night promoting girls' leadership and gender equity" and the past few weeks that has definately been true! Must remember to sleep....

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

First, with many, many thanks to Ingrid Hu Dahl, I have an article in this months Youth Media Reporter. Check it out here

Second thanks to those who spread the word or bid on items for the Willie Mae Rock Camp Online Auction which was way-cool and way-fun!

Third, I was awed and inspired at the New York Women's Foundation Breakfast. Abigail Disney is officially my new hero (sharing the honor with Helen Lakelly Hunt who is also a visionary). Helen Lakelly Hunt said all the things that I have longed for someone to say to women at a fundraising event-- that your money is powerful and that it is up to us to make the difference for women and girls, that together our money can be a tidal wave for girls and women's organizations and CHANGE THINGS. I was moved and inspired by her passion for women's fundraising and thought it couldn't get any better. I had no idea that Abigail Disney would follow, that she would bring me to tears telling her own story about living in two worlds-- traveling to Liberia and seeing starving children, then coming back to the US to bake sales, wealth management, and issues of childhood obesity.

Then Abigail Disney did an incredible thing. She told the women in the room to give until it hurts, to choose something they want (new shoes, new purse, new house...) and instead of getting that thing, to make a stretch gift to an organization that they care deeply about, and if they also make a donation to the New York Womens Foundation, she will match both gifts with a donation to the New York Women's Foundation, up to $1 million.

You can read her whole speech at womens e news and it is almost as moving as being in the room with her. (not quite, but almost!)

And please, think about taking Abigail up on her challenge by choosing a girls' organization (again-- some great ones are listed here on the WGFG site) to give a stretch gift to and by making a donation to the New York Womens Foundation, who has been a steadfast friend to girls and girls' organizations in New York. With your gift and Abigail's, we can turn the tide, increase the funding and therefore the programming for girls who need it here in the city-- or wherever you may be reading from.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

College Shower for NYC Girls

WGFG usually devotes its space to smaller non-profits NOT associated with mational orgs, but this event holds a special place in my girls-lovin' heart. I am so impressed that Girls Inc NYC puts it resources into rewarding girls for college admission. Please support them and replicate this idea in your program-- Patti

In a city where only half of the public school students graduate on time, Girls Inc. of NYC recognizes the importance of celebrating those girls who are beating the odds. Over the past 8 years, we have honored the girls of Girls Incorporated of New York City programs who have been accepted to college through our Annual College Shower.

Please help Girls Inc NYC celebrate their achievements and support them as they continue to prove that they are strong, smart and bold!

You can help NYC girls by purchasing shower gifts or making a financial donation to the scholarship fund.

you can purchase gifts online at

first name: Girls Inc
last name: New York City

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Girls Blog

New blogs by girls are popping up all over and I've added them to the blog roll under Girls Blog. For adults, reading girls' blogs are a great way to get into the mindset of girls and hear directly from them about their thoughts and ideas. For girls, blogging can be a great way to get your ideas out into the world. (For the record, I don't think posting diaries or personal info is a good idea, but posting thoughts, reflections, and commentary is all good)

I just came across Allykatzz today, which I like because every post is moderated as a safety precaution. Below is info on Girl Head Quarters started as a project of a fellow from Young People for The American Way. They are looking for bloggers under the age of 20-- contact Liz Funk if you know (or are!) someone who would like to blog with them.

I'd love to see a blog for girls generated through a project for girls of color-- if anyone knows of one please add a comment.

Young Women Seek to Teach Peers about Politics, Culture, and Girl Power launched on April 27th for ‘tween and teen girls between the ages of eleven and nineteen. The blog will discuss popular culture, youth culture, progressive politics, and life as a girl from a liberal lens for girls who haven’t get been exposed to politics. The blog will be authored by young women poised to become key players in the political and cultural scene, including Norman Lear’s twin daughters and Cecile Richards’ daughter.

The blog’s founder and executive editor is Liz Funk, a college student and senior fellow of Young People For, the young progressive wing of People for the American Way Foundation. Young People For mentors college activists in progressive organizing and helps their fellows start projects that foster progressive change; this blog is Funk’s project.

The content of Girl HeadQuarters (GHQ) attempts to help ‘tween and teen girls recognize their own intelligence, depth, savvy, and political sentiments. “‘Tween and teen girls are constantly underestimated, even by themselves,” says Funk. “So one day, we might feature a post analyzing what My Super Sweet Sixteen says about the obsession with privilege in Generation Y, while another day we might write about the pressure on teenaged girls to be perfect, while another day we might publish a post on the politics outlawing underage drinking, while another day we’d write about the politicking of teen sexuality with abstinence-only sex education, while another day we might review a book like Prep or Alpha Girls, and finally, we might feature a post on why feminism is so stigmatized in our generation. We want young women to realize that they are really cognizant and to recognize that they can change the world.” says Funk. “We’ll also feature lighter content, on makeup, fashion, music, and movies—we want to make it clear that girls can be into politics and also love Seventeen, lip gloss, and John Mayer.” The blog will also feature book reviews, interviews with progressive writers and leaders, and guest blogging from prominent culture writers, political pundits, and other teen girls.

New York Womens Foundation Celebrates 20 years!

Congratulations to the New York Womens Foundation for providing funding to women and girls organizations for 20 years. The NYWF will celebrate with a breakfast bright and early Thursday morning including awards and presentations by notable women including: Dolores C. Huerta, Co-Founder of the United Farm Workers Union, Abigail E. Disney, Founder and President of the Daphne Foundation, Whoopi Goldberg, Mira Nair and Rosita Romero, Executive Director of the Dominican Women’s Development Center.

All that sounds good to me, but I am mostly looking forward to talking with the other NYWF grantees, which this year include some of my favorite NYC girls' programs including Sistas on the Rise, Girls for Gender Equity, and the Sadie Nash Leadership Program.