Saturday, April 19, 2008

From Workshop to Action

Every once in a while an email comes my way that makes me happy. This week the email was from an attendee at the "Battling Backlash" panel at WAM that I participated in with Miriam Perez , Carmen Van Kerckhove and moderated by Jessica Valenti .

She noticed that so many of the comments and questions during the session were from young feminists who felt isolated and lacked a community of like-minded people. In response, she is creating a dinner party and invited her feminist friends to attend. And even better, she is asking everone to bring a guest who they consider a mentee or mentor to make the event intergenerational and to widen the circle of feminists. I'm impressed with her intentionality around making the event inclusive and inviting to people.

I think she would have done this anyway, but I am thrilled that she named the workshop as part of the impetus to start bringing together women in her life.

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