Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Girl Magazines to Love

Go Canada Girls! Shameless is a three times a year magazine for girls who need an alternative to the traditional magazine fare doled out to teen girls. Best thing about it-- other than its independent nature-- is its teen editorial collective.

According to the Shameless site:
Shameless is guided by a teen editorial collective who give us feedback on the magazine, share ideas, help plan events, inspire us and give us a window into the lives of real teenagers. They make sure the magazine is relevant, interesting and engaging.

Current members of our collective include: Nadia Alam, Sarah Chepesiuk, Heidi Cho, Elliot Carol Chow, Genevieve Flavelle, Lex Gill, Laura Hope, Maddie Lee, Kristin Li, Nevena Martinovic, Olivia Mussells, Linda Paolucci, Julie Sadler, Samantha Williams.

In past issues they have tackled housing, rape, equity in education, and whether the Dove Campaign for Beauty does more than sell soap. The current issue looks at size and fashion . While many girls' magazines might not think these issues matter to girls, clearly they do.

Keep Shameless up and running and keep girls' voices at the helm:

Subscribe and encourage girls you know "who get it" to submit writing

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