Monday, April 07, 2008


Hey! I'm trying out some new background for the blog and generally just classin up the joint a bit.

One thing I am looking for is a new header that represents the tone and topic of Whats Good for Girls but I haven't found it yet, and I'd like to move beyond what's in blogger's template. I've added the pic above temporarily, but the notion of budding flowers seems a little more Tampax commercial than WGFG.

I love Deborah Siegel's header and I am all about Feminist Gamers . Both headers represent what they discuss on their blog.

If you have any ideas, I am all eyes, I guess.


Deborah Siegel said...

Love the new image, Patti! You know, this would be more of a rebranding thing and I'm not sure you want to go there, but "What's Good for Girls" is itself a great tagline! If you wanted to change the name of the blog to something shorter that is, which you probably don't, since you already have brand equity. But just a thought of the top of my head, you could call the blog...hmmm....Girl Smarts...So, Girl Smarts: What's Good for Girls -- or something like that? xo

Patti Binder said...

Hey Deborah!

Yea-- I feel like I am definately ready for a branding phase. I'm so gald you like the name! For me, the name represents a bunch of different things-- 1-- that I am going to focus on what is good for girls, and second, it's a reference to the girls I have worked with over the years who say "What's good?" in the way I would have said "What's up?" as a middle or high schooler.

At any rate, I appreciate the thoughts and will keep thinking on it...

Always great to see you over here!