Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Womens E News recognizes Teen Girl Accomplishments

Womens E News 21 Leaders for the 21st Century will recognize 15 year old Iman Belali for her work starting the American Moroccan International Exchange for young women, when she was only 12!

One reason I love this event is that Womens E News has made a commitment to recognizing the work of women of all ages, including teen girls and young women in their 20's-- often left out of the running for more traditional awards.

Read more about Iman and Womens E News


orb28 said...

More awesome news! I've cross-posted this on orb28 so more teen girls can read about the excitement.

Thanks for sharing!
Editor, orb28

Patti Binder said...


Thanks so much! I think its so important to include teen girls and young women and recognize their accomplishments. Youth are more than leaders of tomorrow-- they are our leaders today.

Thanks for all your support!


orb28 said...

Thanks for all your continued blog reading and comments over at orb28!

I've made a note on my calendar to check out the Nov/Dec nominations with you. What a great idea!

Keep in touch,