Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writing Girls Make the News

The girls and mentors of Girls Write Now were featured in yesterday's New York Times . The article glimpses into a few of the relationships that develop between mentors and mentees and their shared passion for writing.

I'm excited that the article highlights one of the reasons for an all girls program:
Samantha White, 17, from Brownsville, Brooklyn, said the all-women environment makes a big difference in what gets talked — and written — about. “We had a workshop where we wrote about breasts and the experience of getting our first bra,” she said. “That would have never happened if there were boys in the room.”

Watch one of the mentor-mentee pairs share their bra sharing stories at the winter reading:

Want to see more? Come out to the 10th annual spring reading at the Barnes & Noble in Tribeca on Sunday, June 8, from 4-6PM. I'll be there! (Full disclosure-- I'm the Board Chair!) Click here for the details.

And while we're on Writing Girls-- check out the guest post on Deborah Siegel's Girl with Pen by 14 year old Samantha French.

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