Sunday, May 25, 2008

Girls and Sexism

Bloggers across the intertubes covered the release of the study "Perceived Experiences with Sexism Among Adolescent Girls" now in the May/June issue of Child Development, (Vol. 79, Issue 3) Of course Feministing, Our Bodies Our Blog , a blog in LA on sexual harassment attorneys covered the news, but so did WebMD and in their news section, no less, not in their blog.

So to girls and former girls everywhere, the news that girls experience sexism is not really news, but the stats about the way girls experience it across race and age are definately worth checking out (all links above go to the relevant stats).

Further, the study finds that
Girls who had been exposed to feminist ideas, either through the media or an adult such as a mother or teacher, were more likely to identify and report sexist behavior than were girls who had no information about feminism.

Many girls' programs provide girls with an opportunity to experience feminist ideas, although I'd say that the ideas are not always explicitly labeled as feminist, but certainly the notion that harassment is wrong, or that girls should be confident, should be a staple of good girls' programming. And my favorite programs address harassment and sexism head on.

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orb28 said...

Thanks for that study and for the festivals info! I'm always uplifted to read posts that have suggestions and real life actions we can take to help the problem the post is about :)

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