Friday, January 16, 2009

Resilience and Recession

The world is crazy-- I'm home late from work as we are working on cash flow projections (and you thought my life was glamorous!) and as I left tonight, my colleagues were working to find a bed for a teen girl and every shelter they call is full. It's 10 degrees outside in New York tonight.

Its harsh realities out there, for the girls we serve and for non profits of all types to keep their doors open. It's a grim way to start the New Year.

But there's faith, and there's hard work, and there's organizing to be done. Deborah Siegel from Girl With Pen and I exchanged notes today on the subject and she turned my comment on her blog into an actual post-- read it here I promise it more uplifting than my opening line in this post.

Need things to do?

1) Watch the GEMS documentary Very Young Girls on Showtime now through Feb 23. See the GEMS website for times to set your DVR: GEMS Join our causes page on facebook: GEMS on facebook

2) In New York? Go check out Girls Write Now winter reading. I'm sorry to miss it--I'll be at my dear friend Kate's wedding. Girls Write Now

And for something fun, innovative and the brain child of one of my favorite women and girls' program supporters, Lauren Cerand:

Check out The New You Project . Join me in supporting the grassroots movement to spread word about a book that hasn't gotten its day in the sun yet. I emailed Lauren and got my copy in the mail and let me just say I think the book will be as interesting as the campaign.

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